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For Seminole County Commission

District 3

I’m Kim Buchheit, a results-oriented leader who gets things done.
Elect me as a Commissioner and I’ll bring fresh ideas, integrity
and a unique skill set to serve the people of Seminole County.

Campaign Address:

Kim Buchheit Campaign

PO Box 2016

Apopka, FL 32704

Here is a little bit about me and why I am seeking to represent you:


I learned the principles of hard work and community service from my family at an early age. Born and raised in Buffalo New York, I grew up the youngest of three children, in a close-knit, middle class family. My Dad was an Army Air Corps, Eighth Air Force veteran who later worked for Ford Motor Company, and my Mom was a bookkeeper for her father's business. Both set examples as generous, active volunteers in the community. Though they are no longer living, their influence remains. My aunt, my siblings, cousins and extended family are my most dedicated campaign advisors. I would not have entered this race without them. My nieces and nephews are also part of the team, and I am tickled to be Aunt Kim to a group of individuals, all of whom appreciate and value service for the greater good.


My education shaped me. Attending Nottingham Academy and Nichols School, I was an Honors student, three-sport varsity athlete, and merit-based scholarship recipient. I graduated Cum Laude from State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo in 1982, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography with a Cartography specialization. While at SUNY Buffalo, I was Student Representative and liaison for the Geography Department, a champion varsity swimmer, team co-captain and Varsity Club Representative.


When I moved to Altamonte Springs in 1984, I conscientiously set out on a professional career track. Working full-time, I also attended school at night at UCF and Valencia Community College (4.0 GPA) and became an award-winning member of the Central Florida Chapter of the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society (FSMS) as I worked through the ranks. I spoke at career days to encourage school kids and young women to pursue technical fields of study and I tutored individuals preparing for licensure exams and technical certifications. I coordinated a Public Service Campaign for television to improve Work Zone Safety and better protect our industry’s vulnerable field personnel.


During my 35-year career, I started and built a Land Surveying and Mapping business from scratch, growing an excellent professional reputation along the way. As a specialty area, my firm performed and managed various aspects of design projects for infrastructure improvements such as: utilities, drainage, water and sewer treatment plants, solid waste facilities, institutional facilities, schools, residential and commercial sites, transportation and transit facilities, roadways, traffic safety improvements, parks and trails, establishing conservation areas and supporting environmental restorations. This experience provided me with a vast knowledge of infrastructure.


I now engage only on special projects as a highly credentialed expert in matters pertaining to land boundary determination and complex historic research and analysis necessary to aid in conflict resolution. I’ve advised numerous public entities, attorneys and private individuals over the years. I’m a nationally recognized continuing education provider and a respected member of various industry and professional societies.


Civic engagement and giving back to the community have always been part of my life. I belong to the League of Women Voters of Florida and serve locally as a Natural Resource Committee Member. I served on the Board of Directors of the Jack Kerouac Writers in Residence Project for seven years. I served on the Orange County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board as District 2 Representative, an appointed position approved under Mayor Jacobs' tenure. I helped to implement the "Explore our Parks" program under Commissioner Christine Moore and I conducted lessons for National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) field trips to Magnolia Park in 2019.


I am involved in several organizations that focus on protection of Florida’s unique and precious resources, natural communities and critical habitat. I have been a conference speaker and newsletter contributor for Gopher Tortoise Council. I am currently working with Friends of Split Oak Forest and Save Rural Seminole with the objective of strengthening protections on environmentally sensitive lands. At the national level, I have been a volunteer for Farm Aid since 2003 working as an official photographer and as an assistant to staff in support of programs and annual fundraising events.


In recent years, my home and property in Orange County were targeted and acquired for the Wekiva Parkway right-of-way and construction. I learned firsthand what it’s like to watch demolition crews destroy my home to make way for a toll-road. I know how it feels to be ignored when government makes casualties out of little people like us. That experience taught me the weight that development decisions carry, and the need for attentive leadership that truly cares about its constituents. Once I got more involved in advocacy, I became aware of several other poor decisions being made by our elected and appointed officials. All combined, these issues motivated me to step up and offer the citizens of Seminole County an alternative to the status quo, business-as-usual politics that have controlled Central Florida’s destiny for far too long.


To those of you considering voting for me, I see you, I hear you, I’m one of you. And many of you personally know that I have worked side by side with you to fight for what is right (when our representatives have failed us). You have seen me demonstrate a deliberate, informed and fearless approach to demanding accountability from our elected and appointed officials.


I’m steadfastly committed to making Seminole County a better place for all of us. I am fully capable and ready to perform the duties of a County Commissioner and to act in the best interest of the citizens at all times, not just when people are watching. You will never have to remind me that I work for you because I know what WE expect, what the job entails and how to honor the public trust. It is time to elect a well-qualified professional with a sense of decency that is worthy of your respect.


Thank you for your confidence in me and your encouragement. To join us in “Standing up for Seminole,” sign up to volunteer for field or office activities, follow us on social media and spread the word to your friends and family. If you are able, please contribute $10 to $99 to defray campaign expenses. Most importantly, please VOTE for me on or before November 3, 2020.


Campaign Message:


I’m Kim Buchheit and I’m standing up for Seminole. As your County
Commissioner, I will work hard to grow our economy, support local
business, nurture our community, conserve natural resources, and restore
faith in the office. I believe in transparent, trustworthy leadership

that places people over politics.

As a business owner, I’m well-prepared to address difficult economic
realities and apply a practical approach to fiscal matters. Decisions must

be made for the public interest, not special interests. I have the

courage to constrain unchecked growth, to protect our county

for the many, rather than exploiting it for the few.

We can do better for the taxpayers of Seminole County.

Your concerns are my concerns. Right now, we must prioritize
protecting health and safety with compassionate attention to the
community’s needs. On quality of life issues, you can always

depend on me to stand strong for smart policies

and proactive initiatives. My record as an environmental advocate demonstrates my commitment to safeguard Florida’s irreplaceable

natural resources. These issues must transcend party politics.

The people of Seminole need new leadership and responsive
representation. Let’s work together and build a stronger county.
Together, let’s stand up for Seminole.

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